Cleaning that makes a Difference

Are you getting the most out of your Cleaners?

It is very easy to let the cleanliness of your facility fall to the bottom of the ever-growing list of priorities. It can very quickly become a hassle to find people and resources to fulfill the most basic of cleaning tasks.

Our services are offered to ease the process of fulfilling these tasks. Outsourcing your cleaning services can save money on the tools necessary to do the job, as well as save time onboarding and training staff. Since cleaning is our thing, we can provide you with excellent service while you can focus more of your time on the important parts of your business. We offer all kinds of services that are all focused on improving the safety and aesthetic of your building. B&T Building Services can give you benefits that include:

  • Hands-free management
  • Wholesale pricing of chemicals & equipment
  • Labor Sourcing
  • Access to additional services (carpet shampooing, floor scrubbing waxing, window cleaning, epoxy flooring)
  • Certified & Trained Cleaners